We own an ever-growing collection of knowledge and background about Cuba that we can impart to our tourists and travelers. What works in Cuba and how – and why it works that way. Cuba is a special country with a special culture and a totally different mentality. And this mentality must be understood – at least in certain areas – if you want to understand Cuba at all. We will try to explain how certain things in Cuba are working, why they work this way and how Europeans, North Americans and Asians should understand why things work how they work.

Currencies in Cuba

It is important that you gain a sense for both currencies, since it is not always clear whether the CUC or the CUP are being used, and the price is only given with a $ symbol. Rule of thumb is: in private restaurants, a Mojito or a Cuban beer will cost about 2-3 CUC, a pizza at the street vendor about 15 CUP (therefore approx. 0.60 CUC).

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Waiting line - ¿El ultimo?

In Cuba, clocks are ticking to a different, more slowly and leisurely beat. So, it’s no surprise that a lot of things in Cuba seem so different and quite confusing for tourists who meet them for the first time. One widespread phenomenon in Cuba is the waiting queue – the famous „cola“.

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