Your Ride in Cuba - Taxi, and Airport-Transfer

Information on one sheet. Havana, Varadero, Trinidad, Viñales, Santa Clara and many more destinations are served by GoCubaGo. This is a taxi and transfer service. We provide you either private cars with licensed taxi drivers or rides on the collective taxi in Cuba. We connect all the great places in the beautiful country of Cuba. You get affordable prices, you get European-style service in advance and you only need the GoCubaGo voucher for your ride.

Airport Transfer in Havana or Varadero, Cuba

Most of our guests arrive at one of the airports in Cuba. We organize your transfer from the airport to the city of your choice. This can, of course, be the closest city to the airport. You can also book a ride to another city directly from the airport where you arrive.

Take a ride from one city to the other...

We also offer taxi service between the cities and the tourist destinations in Cuba. GoCubaGo connects the Cuban destinations for you:

And of course, we have many more destinations. Most of these destinations in Cuba are only by request. So use our booking engine and book your ride in Cuba. We will then get back to you with information about the driving options and about the price. Then you decide if you want to contract with us and you pay. When you pay your ride, your booking is cleared and the price is fixed. You only need to take a voucher from GoCubaGo, print it out and take it with you on your trip. To give you an idea of the costs of your ride, we have collected here the most popular routes which are booked by tourists in our service. There are mostly two different prices for your trip based on our experience.

You will get a proven price after your booking. So if you book your trip between Havana and Varadero, we will start to organize it for you. Then we get back to you with the final price. You can then choose to pay and your booking for your trip between Havana and Varadero is cleared. These prices here are expectations based on our experience, we might get even a better price for you if possible.

Havana to Varadero or Varadero to Havana

The way between Havana and Varadero is about 150 kilometers or 90 miles. You have the following options with these expected prices:

Havana to Viñales or Viñales to Havana

When going from Havana to Viñales or the other way, the distance is about 185 kilometers or 115 miles. These are our expected prices for your ride:

Havana to Playa Giron or Playa Giron to Havana

When you visit the marvelous beach of Playa Giron on the southern coast of Cuba, the distance between Havana and Playa Giron is about 220 kilometers or 135 miles. These are our expected prices for the ride:

Havana to Trinidad or Trinidad to Havana

The way between Havana and Trinidad is about 320 kilometers or 200 miles. So your journey will take some time. When going from Havana to Trinidad or from Trinidad to Havana we expect the following prices for your ride:

Booking in Advance - The Benefits

If you use GoCubaGo service you have many benefits for your trip to Cuba. We make booking easy because you can book your full-ride online. You pay online with a credit card and you get a GoCubaGo voucher. Just show this voucher to your driver, we send to your location, and your ride begins.

Our Booking-System

Our booking system is actually available in three different languages. So choose one of these links to get to the booking interface. There you can choose between airport transfers or city-to-city transfers. You can select a collective taxi which is a group van for different people going from one place to the other. This is cheaper in most ways when you are alone or as a couple. You can also choose a private car with a Cuban licensed taxi driver we provide.

Choose one of our Booking-Engines in your appropriate language:

About GoCubaGo

We are two European based companies. The service is provided to you by echonet communication ltd. based in Vienna, Austria (European Union). The second company doing the provisioning and booking for you is situated in Sibiu, Romania.

We have started this service in cooperation with two Austrians living in Havana. We took our knowledge and thought about the troubles people have done an individual trip to Cuba. The result of our thoughts is as an independent booking system for rides and taxi services in Cuba. We know the people there, we know the country and we know the legal stuff in Cuba. Therefore we have come together with now about 70 licensed taxi drivers in the country of Cuba and we cooperate with them. So your transfer from or to the airport in Havana or Varadero or your transfer between different Cuban cities is always done by officially licensed taxi drivers.

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